Plumbing specialist in Phoenix AZ

Expert Plumbing Specialists in greater Phoenix

The specialists at AC by J specialize in Phoenix-wide plumbing installation and services. In addition to having extensive experience and knowledge regarding modern plumbing techniques, our plumbing specialists are also licensed, bonded and insured for your home’s safety and your peace of mind. We do extensive and ongoing training with our plumbers to ensure we only send the most knowledgeable plumbers to your home.

For Fast Response Plumbing Specialists in Phoenix – Call AC by J

AC by J Plumbing Specialists

alt="plumbing specialists"The reputation AC by J has established for fast response to AC emergencies is maintained with our plumbing specialists as well.  When you have a plumbing emergency you need an AC by J plumbing specialist.  Our certified technicians provide professional service that is fast and affordable.  When you call AC by J for a plumbing emergency, we’ll dispatch a plumbing specialist quickly to promptly fix the issue.  Our plumbing specialists will fix your sink that’s not draining properly, repair or replace a faucet that’s leaking, or install a new water heater when needed.

Here are some of the many plumbing services our specialists offer:

  • Water Heater Tune-Up
  • Replace Water Heaters
  • Repair Leaky Water Pipes
  • Install Water Softeners
  • Replace Kitchen Sink
  • Replace Kitchen Faucet
  • Replace Water Supply
  • Replace Garbage Disposals
  • Install Recirculator Pump
  • Replace Angle Stops
  • Replace Restroom Faucets
  • Install Water Conditioner
  • Rebuild Toilets
  • Replace Toilets

Drain Cleaning – Emergency and Otherwise

AC by J is the company to call for a fast response if you have a drain emergency, but our specialists also provide exceptional and affordable drain maintenance services.  Having your drains cleaned regularly is a great way to make sure that they don’t suddenly plug up. Call AC by J at (602) 842-6742 and give yourself the peace of mind knowing your drains won’t stop when you need them most.