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Noticing a puddle of water around your water heater can be extremely stressful, if not simply frustrating. Water heaters are critical to a wide range of applications in your home, and no one wants to have them malfunction or leak. However, if it does happen, AC by J is here to make sure you know […]

To fight off the summer heat you don’t just want an air conditioner. You want the best air conditioning system out there! There’s only one problem: what is the best? Or maybe there are two problems, since, what does “the best” really mean when you’re talking about air conditioning? Feeling a bit stumped, and not sure […]

We’ve barely broken into the spring season and already that signature heat has been kicking in. It won’t be long before your air conditioning system will be locked into a long-running battle with the weather, and so now is your best time to give it the support and care it needs to make it through. […]

Nearly anyone would appreciate cleaner, healthier water straight from the tap in your Phoenix home. But when it comes to installing the hardware, getting the service, and actually using a house filter, many feel a bit in the dark. Want to know what you can expect from a whole-house water filtration system? The experts at […]

Whether you’ve been dealing with it since you moved into your home or it’s only been a problem for the past few hours, having low water pressure is extremely frustrating. It makes the dishwasher work poorly, interrupts your showers, and at its worst, it can even prevent you from using pretty much any of the […]

The right knowledge can help you take control of your plumbing and save money at the same time. At AC by J, we want to arm you with that knowledge, because we believe knowledge is power. With the statistics compiled below, you can learn more about how your plumbing works and how you can tell […]

Worried that you might have a blocked drain in your home, or have you experienced one in the past and never want to deal with it again? There are lots of easy ways to unblock a sink drain, and today the team at AC by J is here to help you identify the common warning […]

Is a single flush just never quite getting the job done? The issue is annoying to be sure, and it can actually cost you a whole lot more in added water use than you might expect! What is causing your double-flush issues, and what can you do about them? Find out the answers by reading […]

Foul or odd odors are always a nuisance when they decide to creep into our homes and stick around for a while. But there is maybe no odor half as foul and unwelcome as the dreaded sewer stink! Having an issue with funky, moldy sewer odors in your home? The Phoenix plumbers at AC by […]

Close a couple of doors and reduce the amount of space your air conditioner has to cool. It’s a simple enough idea and at first blush it seems sound enough. But is that how it really works? Will closing doors actually translate to lower cooling costs and a more comfortable home? Find out more as […]

Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review
Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review
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