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Air Conditioning Cleaning So Important for Arizona A/C Systems

Posted on: July 19, 2016

Air conditioning cleaning is so important to your Arizona air conditioning system. There aren’t many places across the globe that experience massive dust storms like we see here in Arizona. After a storm, the unit probably picked up a lot of dust and dirt. This can make the A/C unit work harder and overheat. The technicians at AC by J fielded a lot more than the normal amount of house calls recently, many for people without air conditioners. Dirty filters and the air conditioning condensing coil are the major factors as to why air conditioning units regularly fail.

The single most important thing for homeowners to maintain is the air filter. And by “maintain” AC by J means “change regularly.” Avoid using those super-cheap, single-ply, 1-inch filters. Cheap filters let a lot of small partials through. These small partials can get on the bottom of the air conditioning condensing coil where they restrict airflow. As little as a 1/20th of an inch of dust on a coil can cut the efficiency of an A/C system to 25%, so it’s important they are kept free of dust.

Pleated, 1-inch, air conditioning filters have more surface area. They don’t need to be changed as frequently but AC by J still recommends changing them often. These pleated filters are designed to be changed every 90 days. AC by J recommends buying a big box of them and set a calendar alert for every 45 days. If your filter is dirty when you change it, simply change it more often. For filters thicker than 1-inch, AC by J says to take the filter manufacturer’s recommendation for changing and cut that number in half. This cost a little more in filters, but it is nothing compared to repair costs.

The air conditioning condensing coil is the one most people forget. The compressor and condensing coil are the parts that sit outside the home, preferably on the side of the yard. To help dissipate the heat that gets removed from the home, a big fan pulls outdoor air over the condensing coils. For the condensing coil to work properly, it needs adequate airflow. The condensing coil should not be obstructed by anything. Any obstruction will hamper airflow. Condensing coils also need to be cleaned regularly. When they “work”, the fans suck air on all open sides. This tends to pull in debris from the outside. Inspect all sides of your outdoor unit and clean the coils off annually, or as needed.

AC by J recommends an A/C service and good air conditioning cleaning twice a year. This greatly helps to keep on top of the affects from the extreme conditions. It’s not too late to take advantage of AC by J’s Summer AC Tune Up Blowout! Call now and get a complete AC tune up for $59.95. This includes our Fix it for FREE Summertime Guarantee which states that if anything goes wrong with a system tuned up by AC by J, we will fix it for FREE! Call: ​602-266-3678 or book online:

Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review
Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review