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Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair Calls Increase as Valley Roasts in Record Heat

Posted on: July 8, 2016

The unseasonal, withering, heat in June had Phoenicians scrambling to stay cool. While the Valley of the Sun commonly sees triple-digit thermostat readings in June, it usually does not go past one hundred ten degrees during the month. However, this year June had twelve days of temperatures of one hundred ten, or higher, through June 28. The highest recorded temperature in Maricopa County in June was one hundred eighteen on June 19. The following day it was one hundred sixteen.

The extreme heat means that Phoenix air conditioners are working overtime to combat the heat as temperatures continue to approach one hundred ten. Busy air conditioning repair specialists are struggling to keep up with all the calls of broken air conditioning units across Maricopa County. The Service Department at AC by J suggests, if your A/C unit is operating, but taking longer to make your home comfortable, or you hear a strange noise, call AB by J now before the unit breaks down completely. It’s much better to do an air conditioning repair on a functioning unit than to wait until the system has completely failed and you’re looking at replacing everything.

AC by Jay hopes that you don’t need an air conditioning repair this season but remember; when you need us, we will be there for you. And AC by J has the “3 Hours or it’s FREE” Emergency Service Response Time Guarantee so you’re not miserably waiting around. Additionally, we can arrange to call you a half hour before we come so you can go someplace cool until right before your air conditioning repair. Call us now at: (602) 842-6972.


Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review
Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review