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Your Phoenix Air Conditioning Unit Can be Damaged by the Monsoon

Posted on: August 3, 2016
air conditioning unit

air conditioning unit

So you’ve chosen to live in the glorious heat of Arizona, you have your air conditioning system set up, and you’ve even looked into the best deals on fiberglass windows in phoenix so you can save energy. But are you prepared for the monsoons?
The Arizona monsoon is hard on your air conditioning unit. A microburst over south Phoenix dropped damaging wind gusts measured at sixty to eighty miles-per-hour recently. Here in Maricopa County, Arizona, we’re right in the middle of our monsoon season. And during the monsoon season, Arizona can experience some pretty strong weather!

The dust storms from this season can have a pretty severe effect on your home air conditioner’s efficiency. This can not only increase your electric bill but also damage the air conditioner itself. You can prevent monsoon damage to your air conditioning unit with a few simple steps. Below are the three main ways monsoons can ruin your home air conditioner’s efficiency along with solutions for them.

1) Makes the Outside Unit Dirty

An Arizona dust storm will cover your air conditioning unit with dust. That’s very bad news for your air conditioner’s efficiency. If your air conditioning unit is covered in dirt and dust, it can’t release heat from the refrigerant very well. That means your A/C will struggle to keep you cool, running up your energy bill as a result. The solution is to check the air conditioning unit after a storm. If it’s dirty, spray it off with a garden hose.

2) Obstructs the drainage pan and condensate line

During monsoon season, there’s plenty of humidity in the air. AS a result, more condensation forms on your air conditioning evaporator unit and runs down into a drain pan and out the condensate drain line. If dust from the storms obstructs the drain line, the liquid will back up out the pan, causing water damage in your home. Prevent this clogging from happening by having a twice yearly air conditioning unit maintenence from AC by J.

3) Clogs the Air Filter with Dust

Your air conditioning system’s air filter only needs changing every one to three months. During the monsoon, with all that extra dust in the air, the air filter can get clogged faster; this is why it’s worth contacting LBA Services to ensure your air conditioning remains in working condition to prevent damage to your home from occurring. If you leave a dirty filter in your air conditioning unit for too long, it will obstruct air over the evaporator coil. This decreases the unit’s efficiency and increases the chance it will break down. Check the ac filter much more often during monsoon season. Change it as needed.

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Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review
Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review