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Global demand for copper on the market has increased steadily over the decade. With increased copper value, thieves have been known to target outdoor A/C units. Unlike plumbing or electrical systems inside the home, outdoor A/C units are far more vulnerable and copper is one of the most valuable air conditioning parts. Thieves can gain […]

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Whether you call it Summeraggedon or Heatapocalypse, unexpected record temperatures have swept through Phoenix and other Southwestern cities recently with no end in sight… The Arizona Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to be leery of getting taken to the financial cleaners by unscrupulous air conditioning companies in record heat. An AZ BBB Representative recently […]

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Understandably, nearly every resident in Arizona wants a fast, effective solution when something goes awry with an air conditioning system. The heat here can be unbearable and your comfort is essential to being happy in your own home! But when it comes to professional repair or replacement, which solution meets your needs best? The experts […]

We often receive calls about heating systems blowing cold air.  This may seem like a problem when the Phoenix lows of the day are in the 30s—but if you have a heat pump blowing cold air it could be working properly. Troubleshooting a Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air A heat pump works through the process […]

November 2014 was one of the coldest Novembers on record in the US because of the Arctic Blast.  Thankfully, living in Arizona, we aren’t experiencing the arctic cold & snowfall that other parts of the country are exposed to.  Arizonans still need to consider heating for a few months every winter.  Here are some AC […]

A comfortable life in the Phoenix desert wouldn’t be possible without a properly functioning air conditioning unit. At AC by J we have established ourselves as a leading Phoenix AC installation, repair and maintenance company by providing fast responding expert service with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review
Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review