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How to Prep Your AC System for a Phoenix Summer

Posted on: April 10, 2018

We’ve barely broken into the spring season and already that signature heat has been kicking in. It won’t be long before your air conditioning system will be locked into a long-running battle with the weather, and so now is your best time to give it the support and care it needs to make it through.

Not sure what needs to be done or where to get started in prepping your system for the summer? Follow along with AC by J while we provide a quick and easy list that anyone can do!

Simple Steps to Prepare Your Air Conditioner

If you’re already wincing and preparing yourself for a weekend devoted to chores and mechanical work, you can rest easy! Getting your AC in tip top shape is actually quite easy, and not at all the trial many expect. All you need to do is:

  • Change your air filter. No matter what season or what HVAC system we’re talking about, the air filter is always the number one most important task that a homeowner needs to have nailed down. A clean filter means healthy air flow, better efficiency, and controlled air quality. Change it, and change it again in a month or two! A New Air Filter will mean that your home will become less polluted, over time air filters build up and can affect the air quality of your home if not cleaned and changed regularly.
  • Whip your outdoor unit into shape. The outdoor unit is vital for removing heat from both your home and the cooling system’s processes, so if the unit is clogged with grass and debris it can cause a lot of trouble. Clear away any mess with a stiff broom, and be sure to straighten the fins carefully with a small blunted tool (even a butter knife can do as long as you’re careful).
  • Inspect the condensate line. The condensate drain line carries any humidity or moisture the unit accumulates out and away from your home. Unfortunately it’s also a bit susceptible to gathering up dust and dirt as well, which can result in small clogs that can lead to leaking. A quick glance down the drain tube should tell you whether or not the line is clear.
  • Stop and listen. An air conditioner in good health makes very little noise at all—usually just the cycling on and off and the slight sound of air movement when in operation. Take a moment to listen very closely to your system and pay particular attention to any clanks, bangs, whistles, or bubbling sounds. Unusual noises are often the first warning sign of a bigger issue, so finding any of those now while the weather is still sort of reasonable is for the best.

Finish Your Prep with Professional AC Maintenance

The above list is a great way to handle the small stuff and keep your system optimized throughout the season. But it’s not a substitute for professional tune-ups! Maintenance handles all of the calibrations, cleaning, and inspections your system need, helping to avoid breakdowns and maximize the power and efficiency of your system.

We recommend setting a date for a tune-up now—but it’s never too late! Contact your trusted HVAC contractor now in order to avoid calling them later, and if you have trouble remembering a maintenance agreement can be your ideal way to keep this vital service in hand.

Looking for professional air conditioner maintenance in Phoenix? Contact AC by J online now!

Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review
Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review