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Prevent Theft of Your Valuable Air Conditioning Parts

Posted on: June 30, 2016

Global demand for copper on the market has increased steadily over the decade. With increased copper value, thieves have been known to target outdoor A/C units. Unlike plumbing or electrical systems inside the home, outdoor A/C units are far more vulnerable and copper is one of the most valuable air conditioning parts. Thieves can gain easy access through the yard at night and the units are often installed in out-of-sight locations. It may take only minutes for a thief to destroy a multi-thousand dollar air conditioning unit just to steal a small amount of copper. Recently, thieves are finding it easier to steal the entire A/C system and then sell it on the underground market.

Here are some ways to prevent the theft of copper from your outside air conditioning unit, or theft of the entire unit itself:

1) Install a cage around the unit. Cages designed to fit around an air conditioning unit are available. Seeing the cage causes most thieves to just move on. Thieves want what’s easy, not what they have to work for.

2) Install an alarm system. There are several AC-specific alarm systems, designed with copper theft prevention in mind. These systems will alert you with a phone call that your unit is being tampered with and can alert your security company and make a call to the police.

3) Install motion lighting around the unit. This isn’t a fool-proof way to prevent theft but thieves don’t like lights that suddenly come on.

4) Install security cameras. Today, there are lots of camera systems that monitor the perimeter of your home and record to a DVR. Thieves don’t like cameras. They also aid the police in identifying participants in a crime and possibly lead to the return of stolen property.

These are the four best theft-prevention options in descending order. There are other suggestions, such a scratching your name in the equipment, or brush microdots on the system, but they don’t do anything to prevent a theft. And preventing a theft is what it’s all about. What homeowner wants the copper back that a thief tore out of his system or an A/C system back that was tore out of the ground?

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Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review