Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

Posted on: June 20, 2016

Understandably, nearly every resident in Arizona wants a fast, effective solution when something goes awry with an air conditioning system. The heat here can be unbearable and your comfort is essential to being happy in your own home! But when it comes to professional repair or replacement, which solution meets your needs best?

The experts at AC by J are absolutely dedicated to providing our patrons in Phoenix the absolute best and most effective service possible. Because of this, we find it extremely important that you seek the correct service to meet your needs!

Why Is This Choice So Important?

Essentially, we’re not fans of temporary solutions. Nor are we fans of our consumers seeking costly, unnecessary services! Seeking repair when replacement is the better option (and vice versa) can cost you loads in unnecessary expenses. For this reason, it is important to have a reputable professional HVAC or air conditioning service, similar to Allen Kelly Co. (https://www.allenkelly.com/hvac-inspection/) that could inspect your heating or cooling system and advise you on what is needed whether repairs or replacement.

So let our team of certified experts lay out the reasons and situations where each service is best used!

When To Seek AC Repair

Repair is generally the preferred solution. It’s usually faster, and provided we’re talking about a single instance of repair, it will be cheaper as well. You should seek air conditioner repair when:

  • Your system is making odd sounds. Clanks, bangs, wheezes, whistles; these are all signs that you need a repair. The problem is most likely a loose or damaged component, which will need an immediate solution.
  • There is a dusty, musty smell coming from your vents. Usually related to dirty or dusty systems that aren’t getting proper professional maintenance. It’s an easy fix for an expert!
  • You experience a drop in air quality. This problem goes hand in hand with the above. Having trouble keeping your home and air dust and pollen free? The problem is probably related to air flow!
  • Your system is not cooling effectively. Having warm spots or rooms that aren’t getting sufficiently cool? A repair can usually set this right.
  • Your air conditioner is freezing or icing. A frozen system has many potential causes, but thankfully the majority of them can be handled with a simple repair service.

Situations Where AC Replacement Is Best

Depending on the problem and your situation, professional AC replacement and installation can often save you money in the long run and provide superior cooling solutions. It’s best to replace when:

  • Your AC is incapable of meeting your needs. If repair isn’t the answer and your system simply cannot meet your needs, it’s time to replace. There’s no sense in fighting with a system that can’t do its job!
  • You are seeking professional repair too often. If you’re having any of the above issues yearly, bi-annually, or even monthly, it’s better to replace. At this point the repair causes are most likely part of a much larger issue which will cost you more than it’s worth to repair!
  • Your energy costs are spiking. Seeing a ten or twenty percent increase in your energy use? A new system can provide multiple times better efficiency and will end up saving you a lot in the long run!
  • You have a refrigerant leak. These can be addressed with repair, but most likely a replacement will be the cheaper and easier choice. Leaks tend to keep popping up or stick around once they’ve begun happening.

Still not sure which service best meets your needs? You can trust the certified HVAC specialists AC by J! Our team carries all of the expertise needed to provide you with the answers you need. Contact us today!

Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review
Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review