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What Is a SEER Rating & How Does It Impact My HVAC System?

Posted on: January 23, 2017

There are many different ways to measure how efficient someone’s home is. For example, the Energy Performance Certificate Newcastle tells owners how to make their home more energy-efficient and reduce CO2 emissions. This is good because it really allows homeowners to see how they can improve, no matter what rating they choose to get. As technology has progressed in recent years, our standard of living and how we define energy efficiency has changed dramatically. It wasn’t so long ago that having air conditioning or heating at all was an impressive feat.

Now, we don’t just want sufficient heating and cooling in our homes, but we expect these systems to comply to a certain standard. It’s why we may update our home systems to one from Wei Wei Aircon, or from a similar company. These standards are not only designed to assure energy is used efficiently, but to ensure that homeowners and consumers are aware of the quality of the products they are purchasing.

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What Is a SEER Rating?

So, what are these standards we’re talking about? The Department of Energy developed and set in place regulations on heating and cooling standards by which all HVAC units are rated. These regulations are called SEER ratings-or ‘seasonal energy efficiency ratio’ ratings-and they measure how energy efficient a given HVAC product is. If you’re wanting a higher SEER rating HVAC product, look into companies like and more and compare the SEER ratings of many of their products to your current and become more energy efficient in your home.

Think of SEER ratings like the MPG (miles per gallon) rating for a car. Most advertisements like to boast about cars with high MPG ratings-it means they can go further on less gas. Similarly, a heating or cooling unit with a high SEER rating is more energy efficient. It can do more with less. The federally-regulated minimum for SEER ratings these days is either 13 or 14, depending on where you live. However, products can have a ranking as high as 25.

Most heating or cooling units have a sticker somewhere on them which displays their SEER rating. Look for an ‘Energy Guide’ label (or, if you can’t find it, a quick web search of your product’s model name or number will probably get you its SEER rating in a jiffy).

How Will Your System’s SEER Rating Affect You?

If your current air conditioning or heating unit is more than 10 years old, odds are good that it has a low SEER rating, meaning it isn’t very energy efficient. An inefficient HVAC system uses more energy than it needs to in order to heat or cool your home. That means you end up paying more each month in utilities (and maintenance) than you would if you were using a system with a higher SEER rating.

Unfortunately, with SEER ratings, it isn’t quite as simple as ‘a bigger number is always better.’ When considering the SEER ratings of your home’s heating and cooling products, you also want to take into account your region’s climate, your home’s original SEER rating, how large a higher-SEER system would be, and how often you’ll be using your HVAC system.

A certified HVAC technician can probably assist you in determining the right SEER rating for your home and your system. Or, if you’re curious, the ENERGY STAR® website provides plenty of information and a few guides on how to make your home more energy-efficient.

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