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Why Is There a Sewer Smell In My House?

Posted on: September 18, 2017

Foul or odd odors are always a nuisance when they decide to creep into our homes and stick around for a while. But there is maybe no odor half as foul and unwelcome as the dreaded sewer stink! Having an issue with funky, moldy sewer odors in your home? The Phoenix plumbers at AC by J come to you today with the most common causes and solutions to this issue.

Dealing with sewer smells in your home and not sure where to turn? Our licensed plumbers are on standby and ready to help, so contact us online for drain cleaning services in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the surrounding areas!

The Where & Why of Sewer Odors in Phoenix Homes

You probably have at least a general idea, since sewer smells can only really be coming from the sewer line present within and without your home. The trouble is that the sewer line runs everywhere. The main sewer lines and drain lines both can crop up some foul odors, which makes nailing down the source a bit difficult for homeowners. Some smells and odors can be eliminated by simply tending to housework and getting rooms and floors cleaned. In regards to the floor, if a simple vacuum or mop doesn’t clear any smells, ask yourself, “do you need a steam mop?“. The mop uses steam to get into all of the nooks of the floor and can bring up dirt that a vacuum might miss. The floor picks up most dirt but is one of the most neglected parts of the house, so paying a little more attention to it can help get rid of any lingering smells. See this page for products that can help you do this.

Tracking Indoor Sewer Odors

You might be catching a whiff near your sink or shower drains, but we’d place solid odds on that odor getting stronger as you go down. The gas that causes sewer stink, hydrogen sulfide, is very dense and has trouble traveling upward. This makes it a good bit easier to track, and in most cases, you’ll find the odor is strongest near a basement, or utility room floor drains, if you have noticed this look into plumbing services to repair your lines, such as Zurn Plumbing or others.

In the vast majority of cases, the source of a sewer smell in a home is an untrapped drain. Basement and utility floor drains utilize a barrier of clean air and water in a U-shaped bit of pipe, and this barrier is what separates your home from the foulness that resides in the city’s sewer system. If the pipe is untrapped, odors can escape and produce what you’re smelling. Typically all that is required is some simple plumbing repair.

If you only smell the odor from a single drain or room in your home then the problem may be as simple as a clog, which is honestly probably the best news you could get in your situation. All this particular problem needs is some good old fashioned drain clog removal services.

What Outdoor Sewer Odors Mean

Only catching the stench when leaving your home? This one is often a bit more worrisome. You’ll often find the issue accompanied by puddles of fetid water in the lawn, and maybe a high concentration of mosquitoes and flies. If this is your issue, you’ve unfortunately got a damaged, burst, or worn out sewer mainline. That means some pretty heavy-duty plumbing service is in the near future, though if you have a trusted plumbing team on retainer the issue can be handled in short order.

Dealing with sewer smells in your home and not sure where to turn? Our licensed plumbers are on standby and ready to help, so contact us online now!

Will the Odor Go Away?

Unfortunately, no. In some cases, the odor comes and goes since the density of sewer gas fluctuates frequently, but the smell is going to keep coming back until the issue is addressed.

Need plumbing repair to address the sewer smells in your home, or looking for drain cleaning services to rid your home of residual odors? Call on AC by J today to get the leading plumbing service you deserve!

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