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What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat When on Vacation?

Posted on: July 5, 2017

Got a little vacation planned before the summer season gets away? Glad to hear it! But before you pack up and get going, the experts at AC by J have just one question: what do you plan on doing with your air conditioning system? Just shutting it off, or maybe leaving it as-is? If so you might be missing out on a cost-saving opportunity!

Why You Shouldn’t Shut the System Off

The idea is quite sound. Shut off the unit, save some energy consumption. But while it sounds good on the surface, shutting your AC off completely can actually have some pretty dire consequences:

  • Heat and humidity can harm your home. While you’re away and the AC system is off, heat and humidity will rapidly infiltrate your home. This places anything wood or cellulose-based at risk, can stain and crack paint, and will also invite mold growth into the home. With your AC set on while you’re gone, on the other hand, all of these issues will remain mitigated, and your home and possessions stay safe.
  • You’ll actually cost yourself more. At this very moment it is well over 100 degrees here in Phoenix! That means when you get back your home will be, too, and this actually presents a very big issue. You saved energy while you were away, but when you get back and kick the unit back on the system will use up far more energy than you saved to cool the home back down again. Each degree your system needs to cool represents a huge chunk of energy, so dropping your entire home 30 degrees is going to cost you a ton in the long run.

Why Leaving the Temperature the Same Is a Missed Opportunity

You can save yourself some energy costs in a vacation situation, you just have to find that temperature sweet spot. This is because your home and all of your possessions need to stay cooler and less humid than they would be outside, but they don’t need things to stay as cool a you personally do!

This gives you the chance to drop the system by a couple of degrees, each of which represents around 10% savings on the amount of energy your cooling system needs to use in order to keep up. The actual number changes a bit for everyone, depending mostly on what you keep your home at regularly. But a good rule of thumb is to drop your settings by four or five degrees. If you’re a 71 kind of family, take it up to 75 or 76. You’ll notice the savings, and your home stays safe.

How a Programmable Thermostat Can Help

There is another option, and one that can benefit you for the duration of your vacation and for the rest of the year (and all coming years!). Programmable thermostats are smart home systems that can be programmed to run optimized cooling routines, helping you shave off some energy costs while also keeping your home right in your ideal comfort range.

The systems can even learn your preferences to make perfect adjustments, readout energy consumption reports, and alert you when something goes awry with your thermostat system. They’re not only a really cool piece of tech; they can also save you tons on cooling and heating costs.

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Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review