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What to Expect From a Whole-House Water Filter

Posted on: March 26, 2018

Nearly anyone would appreciate cleaner, healthier water straight from the tap in your Phoenix home. But when it comes to installing the hardware, getting the service, and actually using a house filter, many feel a bit in the dark. Want to know what you can expect from a whole-house water filtration system? The experts at AC by J are glad to fill you in!

The Benefits of a Whole-Home Water Filter

Of all the things to expect from a whole-house water filtration installation, it’s the benefits you want to understand the most, of course! And you might be a bit surprised at just how much one little addition can do, it could be like having the best water filter pitcher for your home. Adding a whole-house filtration treatment will provide:

  • Purer, cleaner water. Municipal-level water treatment overall does a fair job, yet still tons of not so awesome chemicals and mineral deposits still wind up in our drinking water by the tons. A filter removes most if not all of this, providing you with healthier, cleaner water better suited to consumption.
  • Better tasting water. Filtered water has a very clean, refreshing taste. With none of the chlorine, calcium, and other common contaminants we find in our water, you’ll get less of that unpleasant “earthy” taste when you get water from the tap.
  • Water better suited for general house cleaning. Tired of water spots on glassware, streaks on floors, and rough patches on laundered clothing? These common annoyances all come from the minerals and chemicals that your filter works to remove.
  • Healthier water pipes. Like anything else in your home, your pipes have an expected lifespan. Usually pipe repair and replacement comes as a result of scale and mineral buildup that eventually leads to deterioration, corrosion, or pipe cracking. With treated water running through them, many of the minerals responsible for this degradation will be removed or mitigated substantially.

What to Expect During a Whole-House Water Filter Installation

If you’re expecting a long, drawn-out process that involves heavy tools and weeks of contractors trudging in and out of your home, then we’ve got good news—it’s not like that at all! The installation process is swift and simple in the hands of a certified water treatment expert.
If you’d like to add a home water filtration system, you could look into sites such as

The small filtration equipment is simply set up and integrated with a convenient section of incoming water pipe. Usually this is on the “home” side of the water supply line (since it’s illegal to cut into city supply-side lines), and is often situated in an out of the way place. Some homeowners like it in basement spaces, some use utility rooms. Either way, the process can be completed in a matter of hours, leaving you with a clean and cost-effective source of clean water for you and your family.

Water Treatment Services in Phoenix, AZ

Think a home water treatment and whole-house water filtration system sounds like the right fit for your home? The plumbing specialists at AC by J are here to help! We’ve been handling the clean water needs of home and business owners in Phoenix and the surrounding areas for years, offering superior products that provide reliable results. Contact us online today to get started!

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Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review