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EZ Trap Safety Switch will protect your home from unnecessary water damage due to blocked condensate line.

The EZ Trap Safety Switch is designed to help you avoid preventable and costly water damage by shutting off your system any time the condensate drain line becomes plugged or blocked. The clear P-Trap and brush are designed to allow us to see any blockage and allow access to clean out the trap easily.

EZ Trap Safety Switch – Did you know?


What can the EZ Trap Safety Switch do for your home?

The EZ Trap will prevent costly drywall damage and prevent excess moisture that can be a source of mold and other unhealthy conditions in your home. This affordable device is significantly less expensive than water damage repair and mold remediation, so call AC by J today at (602) 266-3678 and find out more about the EZ Trap Safety Switch!

AC by J wants to help you save money by preventing costly drywall damage to your home because of blocked condensate drain line.  The EZ Trap Safety Switch shuts off your system when there is a blockage in the condensate drain line.  This prevents excess moisture from accumulating.

Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review
Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review
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