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Reverse Osmosis in Phoenix

If you want to ensure your family is drinking clean, crisp tasting water, but don’t want to have to buy or refill gallons every week, an affordable reverse osmosis system from AC by J’s Comfort Team may be just what you’re looking for. Get great tasting, clean, healthy water for a fraction of the cost of buying bottled water every week!

Reverse Osmosis System

Call the professionals at AC by J to install a reverse osmosis water purification system in the Phoenix area!

At AC by J our team firmly believes that all Phoenix area homeowners deserve clean, pure water. Unfortunately the water that comes out of our taps, while not bad, isn’t quite what most of us are looking for, either. Do you want cleaner, more crisp, and better tasting water? If so, you want a reverse osmosis whole-home filtration system!

Our water treatment and water softening experts carry the extensive training and skills needed to ensure your home is equipped with a top-quality purification system. We’re all about simple, cost-effective solutions supplied reliably. And to meet those goals a reverse osmosis system is perfect.

Ready to get cool, clean water for your home in Arizona? Contact AC by J online now or call 602-266-3678 to find out how easy it is!

What Is Reverse Osmosis Filtration?

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Take a quick look online to find out and you’ll soon find yourself neck-deep in so much jargon your head will spin. But the process is actually very simple! The naturally occurring process of osmosis is one where if two solutions of water are separated by a permeable membrane (fancy word for thin layer with tiny holes), then the two solutions will equal out. Say one side has salt water and the other side has fresh water, then these will equal out via the membrane. This process occurs completely naturally without any energy used at all.

Reverse osmosis is simply the same process but with energy applied. Basically, energy is used to force osmosis in your tap water, filtering the water through a permeable membrane that removes gunk, salts, and minerals. This is of course simplifying the whole thing a lot, but we figured we’d spare the science lesson.

Types of Reverse Osmosis Systems

High Flow Design Delivers water up to 2 – 3 times faster than other systems.
Ultra Pre-Filtration 20,000 Gallon Capacity.  1/2 micron carbon filtration has the highest chemical adsorption rate of any similar carbon block filter. This saves membrane life.
Warranty 5-year limited system warranty
High-Flow Membrane                     (up to 30GPD) Filters down to a molecular level and includes 2 year (for the 4-stage) or 3 year (for the 5-stage) limited warranty vs. competitor’s 90 day warranty.
Pre-Sediment Filtration Sediment reduction to 1 micron
Polishing Filter (10,000 gal capacity) Water passes through a specific coconut carbon blend to ensure great-tasting water. Water is filtered down to 10 microns with a 10,000 gallon capacity.
Standard Faucet Available in chrome, black, bisque, brushed nickel and white
Xprotect™ 60x X-Protect™ extends the time your water comes in contact with our carbon filter for the maximum protection in residential R/O systems.

The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Filtration

So what does reverse osmosis offer? Quite a lot, actually:

  • Better tasting water. Reverse osmosis systems are one of the most effective on the market, and will drastically improve the taste of tap water. No more bottled water needed— just the clean and fresh water you deserve right out of the tap.
  • Clearer, cleaner water. Is your water cloudy or off-color? If so reverse osmosis can help you here as well, and for all the same reasons.
  • Fewer harmful impurities. Nearly none, in fact! Reverse osmosis systems remove up to 95-99% of all impurities in water, be they salts, chemical, or minerals.
  • Low-energy filtration. Reverse osmosis systems are small and compact, and use a very negligible amount of energy to operate, since they harness the natural pressure your water line generates already.
  • Low-maintenance. Osmosis filtration systems need very little overall care, usually a twice a year check up being more than enough to ensure you keep getting your clean and fresh filtered water on the regular.

Reverse Osmosis Home Filtration Systems in Arizona

For complete water treatment solutions that are tailored to your unique needs you need look no further than AC by J. Our specialists are specifically trained in the implementation and installation of reverse osmosis filtration systems, and we can guide you to the ideal solution to suit your needs. For fast, easy installation services and complete water filtration and maintenance trust AC by J to get you the best in the business!

Ready to get cool, clean water for your home in Phoenix, Arizona? Contact AC by J online now or call 602-266-3678 to find out how easy it is!

Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review
Air Conditioning By Jay, Inc. BBB Business Review
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